SEASON 2017/18

''Let your feet do the talking..."

Est. 2009

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Leighwood United YFC

Club Mission Statement


• To provide an opportunity for members to play at the highest level possible and reach their full potential.

• To participate in a safe and friendly environment and to experience the highs and lows that team sport brings.

• To foster and encourage a supportive and family environment to members of the community.

• To 'football' educate and develop our players

• To ensure that all players strive to perform their best in everything that they do

• To inspire players dreams and ambitions

• To provide an opportunity for players to play at their appropriate ability level, ensuring success in the game is a reachable 'goal'



• Excellence: being uncompromising around the quality of football we play, and involve the best people for the club’s development

• Pride: being Proud of our History and accomplishments as a club

• Community Spirit: being inclusive and community oriented with the teams, membership and general public

• The want to WIN is important, but a 'win at all costs' mentalilty is not adopted by the club



Ross Galbally

Leighwood United YFC


September 2013