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Complaints Procedure

In the event that any member feels that he or she has suffered discrimination in any way or that the Club Policies , Rules or Codes of Conduct have been broken should follow the procedures below.


You should report the matter to the Club Secretary, Chairman or if appropriate another Committee Member.


a) Your report should include :


Details of what, when, and where the occurrence took place.

Any witness statement and names.

Names of any others who have been treated in a similar way.

Details of any former complaints made about the incident, date, when and to whom made,

A preference for a solution to the incident.


b) The Club’s Management Committee will sit for any hearings that are requested


c)  The management Committee will rule on disciplinary matters and it’s decision is final. Once the Management Committee becomes aware of an offence by a member, or an offence has been reported through a third party, it may after consultation to obtain the facts decide as follows:


Impose a monetary fine over and above the fine set by the Football League.

And or issue a verbal warning which will be lodged in the Leighwood United Disciplinary Book.


And or issue a written warning (a second written warning within a period of 2 years will lead to the expulsion of the member).


Expel the member with immediate effect any person found to have broken the Club’s Policies or Codes of Conduct.